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Popular in Europe, Australia, trampoline, Dorothy Island trampoline Park in entertainment, sports and fitness as a whole. The trampoline park is China's first largest trampoline theme park. Projects include: children jumping District, free trampoline District, slam dunk zone, avoid ball games, bubble to the sea area, rock climbing areas, expand training area etc.. Shanghai TV news integrated, Oriental satellite TV, ha ha children's channel, star channel, TV drama channel, Anhui TV, Henan TV, new evening news and other media reports.

  • The largest theme park in Shanghai debut trampoline _ News _ Video

    The largest theme park in Shanghai debut trampoline _ News _ Video

  • Anhui TV: the largest theme park unveiled trampoline - Trampoline Park Shanghai Dole Island

    Anhui TV: the largest theme park unveiled trampoline - Trampoline Park Shanghai Dole Island

  • About Trampoline

    About Trampoline Trampoline history back to the 19th century Comanche Indians of North America, while in China using a similar circus acrobats trampoline there are at least 200 years old. In 1999, the International Trampoline Federation of International Gymnastics Association to become a union, and in 2000 the 27th Olympic Games to become an official event. Since 2004, China began to participate in competitions of this project, and we will continue to get good results. Wenna, Lu Chunlong, Dong Dong, are our national gold medalist in the Olympic project. Lu Chunlong or State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center trampoline gymnastics section elected "trampoline ambassador", as well as teaching the public trampoline 'head coach. "He actively promote mass trampoline activities for amateur coaches training trampoline rules of science for the masses

  • About dunk

    About dunk There is also a trampoline dunks and a combination of the sport, called trampoline basketball, also known as limit dunk (Slamball), originated in Los Angeles in a simple small warehouse. The fancy basketball fans Mason Gordon founded. Trampoline basketball, the basketball simplified to just dunks and blocked shots, plus trampoline bounce, so that everyone can experience the fun of casual dunk, the sport quickly people for the warm welcome. Players by bouncing power, can fly to four meters in the air, so at that time bouncing blocks and feel like Michael • Jordan as air!

  • Benefits of Trampoline

    Benefits of Trampoline       In that speak generally have the effect of sports, and to mention the seven benefits of trampoline exercise on the growth of children: (1), trampoline exercise can increase height. Trampoline exercise can enhance the function of a child's body each organ system, so that able-bodied children. Meanwhile, trampoline exercise on bone plays a mechanical stimulation. So, can promote bone growth accelerated, so that the child along with increased height. (2), trampoline exercise can exercise the child limbs, increased muscle strength. In a series of conditioned reflex on a trampoline training, so that children through these tactile stimulation and muscle training, establish contacts in the brain center, so that children can become sensitive to the action, the muscles become developed. (3), trampoline exercise can promote children's heart and lung function, blood circulation

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