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Dole Island trampoline park SKYZONE introduction swept the United States, Canada and Australia FLIPWORLD trampoline park brand, adolescents are particularly fond of trampoline activities into China, Dole island Trampoline Park is China's first theme park, the largest trampoline. Shanghai to build SKYZONE trampoline centers, training centers Shanghai trampoline, synchronized trampoline team, trampoline game software and ancillary equipment.
Projects include: Children bouncing, children games, Slam Dunk, super players, foam sea, free jumping, expanding sports, rock climbing, training of trainers and so on.
Mainly for young people over the age of commercial projects and recreational sports. Trampoline sport for all ages 5 and older to participate. Dole Island children trampoline park is divided into zones, dodgeball game, marine bubble zone, dunk zones, free trampoline area, climbing area, courage and other development areas
Area suitable for children 5-10 years old children. This area accompanied by their parents personally involved in the activities, manufacturing harmonious family atmosphere, improve children's physical fitness, give children to heart and mind.
Freedom trampoline area: for adults, especially now working pressure of the order to release the pressure line to reduce the emotional person, but by a rebound trampoline exercise, weight loss fat loss, slimming shaping.
Rebound dunk District: US adolescents are particularly keen trampoline dunk, rebound by trampoline, bouncing help implement dunk, fun, more entertaining.

Dodgeball games area and bravery development areas for youth, children, and adult team expand training company units, build teamwork philosophy to the game, to achieve teamwork skills training, with the purpose.
Trampoline in sports and fitness for the elderly, especially hypertension and other vascular type of health problem significantly improve health effects, trampoline bounce longitudinal movement dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation.
Combining these ages, when really suitable for people involved in sport span 5-50 years
   Dole Island Park trampoline trampoline coaching hire customer right movement, so Dole island into the fun, culture and sports consumption entertaining.
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